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ObserVR is an analytics platform for virtual reality that gives developers full visibility into how users actually experience their products.

By tracking a user's actions throughout their experience, we analyze use patterns over time. Developers and content creators can then identify in-app elements that increase activity or even detract from the experience. These data-driven insights allow VR developers and content creators to measure user engagement and better understand what drives certain behaviors.

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Lucas Toohey

CEO, Opportunity Creator


Jacob Copus

CTO, Virtual Wizard


Justin Cellona

CPO, Experience Engineer


Meet Our Advisors

Clint Oram

CMO & Co-Founder, SugarCRM

Lori Jordan

Founder, RedStaple

Andy Berkenfield

CEO, Duncan Channon

Jacob Taylor

Co-Founder, Kahuna

Jon York

Co-Founder, C.I.E

Louis Rosenberg

CEO & Co-Founder, Unanimous A.I.